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Salı, 16 Ağu 2022

Oracle Goldengate 11g

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Oracle Goldengate 11g

Real-time Access to Real-time Information
Oracle GoldenGate delivers low-impact, real-time data acquisition, distribution, and delivery across heterogeneous systems. Using this technology, it enables cost-effective and low-impact real-time data integration and continuous availability solutions. Oracle GoldenGate 11g offers tighter integration with Oracle technologies and applications, support for additional heterogeneous systems, and improved performance.

Oracle GoldenGate moves committed transactions with transaction integrity and minimal overhead on your existing infrastructure. Its wide variety of use cases includes real-time business intelligence; query offloading; zero-downtime upgrades and migrations; disaster recovery; and active-active databases for data distribution, data synchronization and high availability.


  • Improved business insight—Enables fresh data for better decision making by feeding analytical systems from OLTP systems with sub-second latency
  • Lowered integration costs—Reads database log files and moves only committed transactions to minimize overhead on the infrastructure while augmenting existing data integration investments
  • Continuous system availability—Eliminates unplanned and planned outages for mission-critical system to allow uninterrupted business operations
  • Heterogeneity—Supports all major databases and platforms allowing companies to use the same product for all their real-time data integration and continuous data availability needs
  • Reduced risks—Offers data integrity and reliability between source and target systems while providing resilience against network or site outages

Oracle Goldengate BI Model